Scholarship Essay Entry – Nicole L.

While choosing a career path I always kept in mind that I wanted to help people but wasn't sure how I was going to do that. Being I didn't have the greatest marks to become a doctor or anything of the sort I decided to do something involving family issues and problems. Since my family has quite few issues itself I wanted to help people that were in some of the same situations I was and even worse ones.

In September I will be heading to school in Calgary to obtain a degree in behavioral science. With that I am planning on working as a social worker in Central Alberta where I can help families in need of support and counseling. Through social work I can help more then just families by finding resources for people such as career training programs  for homeless and finding mentors for students like me! Being a social worker I can also provide support for children who are in foster care or those in the juvenile court system who may be struggling with drugs and other crime related situations. There are also areas where the elderly need assistance health complications and adults who have been recently released from prison that could definitely use some encouragement on improving their lives and establishing goals.

Helping people by talking to them about understanding their problems and making plans for the future are goals I am aiming to do once I enter into this career. Once I gain enough experience in this field I would love to research what kind of help people need in other countries then travel there and set up programs or join existing organizations to provide that help.

I am not sure which area specifically I am going to be pursuing whether it be with children, adults, or families, but no matter which one I choose I am sure it will make a change in the world for the better.