Scholarship Essay Entry – Laura S.

Education has always been important to me; perhaps this is why I have chosen to make a career out of it.  I believe that as we grow older the meaning of education changes for us.  When we are young, education means going to school and learning to read and write.  As adolescents, education is junior high and high school; it is confusing and frustrating and sometimes unfair.  It is interacting with friends and peers in attempt to make sense out of our own little world.  As young adults education is the means through which we fully realize who we are and how to better that person.  It is how we realize there is more out their then our own community and we can learn from that place and maybe even change it.  This is the stage I am at.
As Canadians, we have many rights and freedoms that we can be proud of and thankful for.  There is little restriction to the books we can read and the places we can visit.  We are able to have our own opinions and thoughts and to speak out against those who lead us.  Also, and I would argue most importantly, there are very few limitations on what we are able to study and learn.  Education opens many doors.  Among those is the opportunity to obtain a better job and in turn have a better life.  It results in inventions and medical discoveries that can improve and save lives.  Also, education simply makes us better people.  So far through my post-secondary career I feel I have become a more open-minded, tolerant, and understanding person.  The classes I have taken have introduced me to concepts and viewpoints I never knew existed.  I feel that this is one of the great gifts of education and I would like to have a role in passing it on to my students.
Times are changing and education is allowing for that.  I look forward to the opportunity of educating a generation that will be more tolerant than the one before it, a generation that will take the time to understand why before condemning with judgment, one that loves and show compassion instead of hating and dismissing.  I hope the next generation is one that thinks for themselves instead of taking everything they hear at face value and one that does not hold an entire population responsible for the actions of a few of its members.  If in my entire teaching career I only do one thing, only pass on one message, I hope it is that there is nothing about us, not skin color or religion or background or lifestyle, that makes us better than anyone else; we are all human beings and deserve to be treated as so.  If my wish comes true and these ideologies become mainstream in the minds of our youth I believe our world will become the better place we all want it to be.   After all, the children are our future.