Scholarship Essay Entry – Haylee R.

The New Model
Attending university means more to me than simply receiving a complimentary diploma with my four years of hard work. It is a step forward in the realization of my dream. I aspire to achieve my Bachelor of Commerce in order to learn how to effectively transform my vision into something which will be recognized as a step forward in positive and innovative thinking. With my degree, I intend to establish a business which in essence, redirects materialism and places a higher importance on the support of numerous societal causes.

I plan to do this by engineering a company which holds a strong charitable component and enables people to feel more involved and therefore more connected to the product they are receiving. Through visual arrangement of the product, the clients will be able to see exactly the missing component in a meaningful manner. By informing them that the portion of the retail value for the missing component is being donated, one is more likely to feel personally responsible for contributing to charities associated to the product, such as The Stollery Children's Hospital or Canadian Cancer Society. Furthermore, it is my personal belief that by giving people a tactile connection with what they're giving, the individual purchasing the promotional product will be more impacted from a psychological standpoint. This business model bridges the gap between the separate acts of giving and receiving, which is my primary goal as an aspiring entrepreneur. It is my hope that this new take on an old business model will inspire other corporations to operate mutually with different charitable organizations, and as a result, improve the world we live in. Not only would my business increase revenue for various aid organizations, but it will also demonstrate that there are more appealing methods of providing funding for these organizations, than simply placing a few dollars in a donation box at a local drive thru. Instead of taking advantage of emotions potentially associated with making donations such as guilt or obligation, individuals will experience a more encouraging sense of giving back to the community without plainly asking for money directly from them.

In conclusion, by furthering my education at a post-secondary institution and obtaining my Masters in Marketing, I hope that at this point in my life I will have the resources to pursue the career path that I am so passionate about. I strongly believe in my vision as a course of action which will not only help to improve the lives of a substantial number of individuals in need of support, but also change the way people view giving donations. It is my hope that I find a place in the world which allows me to facilitate a connection between charitable organizations and businesses, and also inspire others to pursue what it is they love or are interested in because when a person really loves what they do, they will not only enjoy life more, but they will demonstrate humanity's tremendous capacity to help others.