Scholarship Essay Entry – Erin M.

Empowerment is defined as promoting self-actualization or influence. I believe that empowering others and encouraging them to use their passions and gifts to transform our world is the most effective way to legitimately change the world!  Empowerment also means encouraging, teaching and supporting those who lack the support system to change their current situation.

I am going into my third year of nursing and my third year of working in the student residence on campus. This student leader position presents an exceptional opportunity to encourage students, who are in a unique stage of life, to think outside of themselves. For most university students, we have a lot of freedom with little responsibility beyond being successful in school, feeding ourselves and paying rent. Living in a student residence there are hundreds of students who are all skilled and gifted in different aspects allowing for a huge force of potential world changers! As staff, my job is to empower the residents to become aware of the world around them and provide opportunities for them to make a difference. Some things I have been apart of include facilitating the following: Operation Christmas Child making 150 boxes and raising $550 for shipping, serving supper at a homeless shelter, participating in “One Day Without Shoes” raising awareness for the issues presented by lack of footwear in third world countries and being a student team leader on a New Orleans spring break Habitat for Humanity build. Students have power and influence and encouraging them to pursue that will inspire and create world changers.

As a nursing student I have dreams of changing the world through empowering and teaching with my health care knowledge. Having spent the summer working in a homeless shelter, I would like to use the skills and knowledge acquired at university to teach the homeless population about personal health practices and be an educated support system to aid them in overcoming addiction and illness. Providing discounted services to the homeless due to their lack of finances may be a huge dream but I believe that educating and supporting once a decision is made to change their lifestyle will change lives. I will change the world by empowering the homeless to make positive life choices resulting in healthier lives.

I also have dreams of using my nursing overseas by teaching nursing in communities in third world countries. I could easily go and use my skills to simply care for people but I believe that by teaching them to care for themselves and each other it empowers and bestows responsibility and purpose. I will change the world by teaching them the skills required to change their own world.

By encouraging, teaching and supporting those who do not have the support system required to change their situation and challenging those who have the skills and resources to make change, I can empower others to change the world.