2011 Scholarship Entry #22: Abby Wollum

Today's generation is oblivious to the outside world. People are so immensely caught up in their own lives and seem to almost be ignorant to important issues that are happening in the world. With lack of interest and motivation, most of young adults today don't see a need to participate in their government or recognize the events that are happening around the world. Through the paper, internet and television, photography is dispersed and viewed by millions. It is a simple device of communication that is easy to connect with and grab a viewers attention.

As most people pass up this ability to capture a moment as something easy to do, or something not worth taking pride in, the expertise and aptitude to be using a photo to transfer thought and meaning is never an easy thing to do. We view thousands of images each day through ads, magazines and television and barely seem to notice them, unless an image is done with great expertise. I want the ability to be able to go out and change the world, generation, by giving them images that will show them the wonders, and things that need to be changed in the world today.

The schooling that I am continuing, in my final year, will be the final push into my career, but will not be the end of learning. Going out and experiencing the real troubles and turns of the world and exploring different cultures and lives, would be something to capture on film and bring those experiences to others. By being able to offer my abilities to share knowledge through my passion is everything that I aspire to do, to have people intrigued about life by viewing photos. The simple communication of photography can create different emotions and give motivation to people, and with that I believe I can change the views of today's generation and the generations to come.