2011 Scholarship Entry #113: Jordan Sekiya

Addressing the concerns of the individual in a globally aware society is a daunting challenge for anyone currently looking towards the future. In any area of study, the problem that arises is always what affects our world at the individual level. From the individual, sights are set higher at the local, national and even global level. I am proud to be a science geek, and one of many individuals undertaking the task of helping the individuals who make up the much larger global community.

With a major in Biological Sciences (primarily immunological studies) as well as a minor in English, I wish to be an active member of the science community; especially if I am able to complete a Masters of Public Health. Studying the history behind past diseases, in addition to the current threats to our bodies, provides the framework for future research and skill development with regards to infectious diseases. This area of science is relevant not only to humans, but also to the flora and fauna of the world. The effect of pathogens on an entire ecosystem is what makes this area so applicable and interesting to study. What happens to one species can be used infer ideas about related organisms. How all these bodies react to, and overcome, a specific infectious disease is what really drives me to succeed in this area.

It is my goal to make science accessible and relevant to the public and to garner curiosity and a sense of involvement with the science world. The breadth of my research would not only touch the lives of those at a local and national level, but perhaps even globally. Clear communication of ideas, coupled with the act of affecting others individually is what I hope to accomplish. Health concerns, and the emergence of bacteria, viruses and parasites that evolve just as we do are not the only concerns that need to be addressed; science literacy and the capacity to make informed judgements concerning such threats will make the future less daunting. Arming individuals not only with the means to help themselves, but others as well, creates a more globally (and in this case, scientifically) aware society. The creation of a safe environment to question ideas and foster curiosity is important. Giving individuals information is the first step towards such a goal. Empowering the individual ultimately empowers the world. Making information accessible and relevant to everyone is just as important as developing the necessary vaccines and treatments to cope with the new lines of microbial threats that arise daily. I hope to one day use my passion in order to make ground in both of these areas. It is my duty to help, in whatever capacity I can, the individual so that he or she may work towards helping others. Helping the world on my own is a dream. Enabling my peers to help the world is an inevitability.