Why Post Secondary is Worth it

School is almost back in session. Some of you may be starting your first year and wondering if spending all that money on some classes was worth it. Well, I'm here to ease your mind. SavvySugar has 5 reasons why going to college or university is totally worth it. Check them out:

Studying pays - Most high paying jobs require a higher education. By going to post secondary you are setting yourself up for a higher income as you work your way through life. Obviously, money isn't everything. You also want to make sure that you're pursuing something that you're passionate about.

It's the best investment - Researchers at the Brooking Institute have found that the return you get from a college or university education (in terms of higher earnings later in life) is better than any investment you can make. If you're holding a wad of cash and you can't decide if you should go to school or put it in the stock market, consider that you will end up with more money if you go to school.

Studying really, really pays - See a theme developing? Even in jobs that don't require a degree, many studies have found that the employees with a post secondary education make more money than the employees without a degree. That special piece of paper is worth a lot of money.

You're put in front of the pack - Imagine you want a job. 50 people apply. The applicants with the most education will automatically have an advantage and be more likely to get hired. Because you went to school you're already light years ahead of the other applicants before any interviews.

You're aiming high - Post secondary can be expensive and demanding. By choosing to go you are undertaking a real challenge. It will be tough at times but it will be rewarding, not just monetarily. You will feel great by having finished that final exam, that huge project and an entire year. On top of making more money after graduating you're going to feel really good about yourself.

Have a good weekend,