The X Spot: Saving Christmas Green

I have decided to start a new scene on the site by creating "The X Spot". If you know your roman numerals, you know that "X" is "10" and so every two weeks, I will be making a top ten list of different things. Plus X marks the spot. If you have ideas that you think would make hearty lists, please e-mail me suggestions at

My first official “X Spot” will be how to save money this Christmas. Who doesn’t want to save money at Christmas, right? It is easily one of the easiest times to overspend, and a season you are very likely to do so. So sit tight, and let me introduce the X spot.

Last week you saw reasons 10-6, here's the rest:

6. Just buy for kids

Do this to score cool points with the little ones. Not only that but they are easy to please usually. Go to the dollar store and get them a Spider-Man knock off called Spider-Hombre. Will they still enjoy? Of course.

5. Buy used if you can

Tell me that vintage is not the in thing right now. You might think this is a bad news bear, but tough tacos, I think this is one of the coolest things you can do. Buy somebody some sweet vintage kicks or even a nice sweater vest (so long as it rocks the vintage look). They might just return the favor with a partridge in a pear tree.

3. Do an exchange

Are you more popular than the Beatles and the biblical person that this season is really about? Fear not. Just set a price limit and get everyone to buy ONE gift, then do an exchange between friends and family instead of buying for EVERYONE. If you really want some edge of your seat fun make it a Chinese gift exchange. Just don’t pull a Michael Scott and tell people it’s a Chinese gift exchange AFTER they’ve purchased personalized gifts; that will NOT make you friends. Even if you broke the rules and bought an iPod…

2. Set a budget, and stick to it

This is simple to do, so do it. Can you afford to spend $500 on EVERYONE and still have some coin for Christmas eats? Do it up. Just make sure you don’t get into a conversation with one of those conversational guilt wizards who make’s you feel that their gift is insufficient and that they deserve more than socks. Tell them that for them the world is not enough, and make them feel bad about themselves. (Don’t actually, I’m not talking from experience). Stick to your budget!

1. Make a list, and narrow it down

Who do you have to buy presents for? Make a list, because without it you will have a hard time creating a budget (see #2). Only put the essential people on it. Now see if you can narrow it down a bit. If worst comes to worst, I’ve never seen ANYONE get upset from receiving Chap Stick OR California Raisins action figures. McAwesome.

Thank you for joining me on this amazing journey. Don’t forget to submit any “X Spot” ideas to!

You Free-ers rock, 8 more days till Christmas!

Myles Clause