Summer Music Events

There are few things I love more than hearing a band that I love play live! Now add more than one band I love, some that I like, and even a few I don't really care for (because a band could shock you live that you never noticed on the radio) and I'm seriously happy. What prompted this blog?

Sonic Boom!! The line up is pretty fantastic! Weezer, City and Colour, The Sheepdogs, Cold War Kids . . . ugh. It's going to be great. It's a two day event over the long weekend (Aug 31/Sept 1) in Edmonton. The perfect way to send summer packing. There are the options of regular and VIP passes too. I'm super pumped to go! XFEST in Calgary has a very similar line up the same weekend with the same prices except for a special VIP cabana. So maybe the bands are trading venues each night? Also the crowds weren't too rowdy last year which was nice . . . I barely had to touch strangers. Definite bonus.

Boonstock – This line up is pretty different than Boom/XFest and it runs at the end of June most years in Gibbons. You can get free tickets to next year's show if you help clean up this year. Bargain. Down falls? The one year I went, tents were FLYING every where because it was incredibly windy and it was COLD. Upside? The crowd is very energetic and it's a total party ALL weekend. Also you can camp there. No need to drive anywhere! And if you lock your keys in your car with all of your everything, there is usually an AMA guy who stays on site because you aren't the only meatball to do it.

Edmonton Folk Fest – I've never been but hear it's a great time. Huge variety of performers, attendees, and volunteers! This one runs in Aug 8 – 11 and is mostly sold out already. Last minute purchases might be available for re-sale. Just be careful – many fake tickets to all concerts being sold now.

K-days/Stampede  - Both of these “carnivals” have stages that the shows are free with admission into the gates! For the most part, the bands are Canadian and I usually want to see at least one of them. Stampede line up on the Coca Cola stage is pretty decent! K-Days isn't quite done finalizing all of the performers but there are a few up already.

This isn't a complete list by any means. There is also BVJ which I didn't mention because it's probably sold out and it's pretty well known. I'm sure there are some really great shows going on in other parts of Alberta that I'm not aware of and would love to know about! Summer is a great time for a road trip to a small town and enjoy some excellent live music! What are your favorite music events this summer?