Newcap News at Six gets all Young & Free

As we previously reported, Paula Mickelson coordinated a TV news segment on the Young & Free search.

The piece is for a local TV station in Lloydminster, so the coverage is obviously skewed towards local girl Paula, but the reporter also gives both Larissa and Shane great coverage as well.

Here is clip from Monday's Newcap News at Six. Enjoy!

Thanks Newcap for the terrific coverage! Lisa Redl and the production team at Newcap did a fantastic job of putting this together.

Interesting side note about Lisa. On her bio page it states that before she came to Newcap, Lisa was in a contest to become the next host of Country Music Television, and made it to the top five in Canada! Obviously she knows a thing or two about what these young people are going through.

Y&F Team