Insects galore

I always love to look at things that terrify me around this time of year, and insects really do scare me. You never see them coming, and they can be incredibly deadly. And so, I’ve created my top 4 creepiest insect photo list for this year.

Coming in at forth place is this guy. It’s a rhino beetle. They don’t normally attack but anything with a horn on its head should be feared. Including unicorns.

In third place is a hunter spider. They slowly stalk their pray and then jump at it, injecting it full of venom. I don’t even need to say anything more.

In second place is this mantis. It has blades for hand, and unlike Edward scissor hands, I don’t think it’s just misunderstood.

And in first place is this golden orb weaver spider. They don’t normally get to the size where they can eat birds or small mammals, but when they do they become one of the scariest creatures even. The live on low tree branches normally so they can drop down on their prey.

All of the pictures were from here. Check it out; there are a ton of albums posted of everything nature related.