Heavy Pockets Much?

I'm thinking the loud jingling gave this criminal away. I came across a funny article about a U.S. Mint employee who has pleaded guilty to stealing about $2.4 million... In dollar coins. The U.S. Mint prints limited edition presidential dollar coins which feature the faces of former presidents. They will use one president for a few months then change up the design so everyone gets a turn.

It seems that the occaisional coin will come out of the minting process with errors. Usually these coins are melted down and remade correctly. However, this employee snagged the doomed coins and sold them to coin collectors. You see, apparently a coin with a mistake on it that's never supposed to make it to circulation is worth way more money. The employee knew this obviously and made quite the profit... Until he was found out.

It also seems that not reporting $2.4 million in earnings is also frowned upon. So this coin thief is in deep with the U.S. Mint and the IRS now. This just goes to show that crime doesn't pay, folks. 

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