Happy Easter!

It’s EASTER! Bring on the egg hunts, chocolate bunnies, ham and hot cross buns to be devoured with family. I always enjoy Easter for the food and good family time. I’m hoping you will also be enjoying a delicious ham dinner with your family while relaxing over the long weekend!

If you are short of dinner topics, here are some Easter fun facts to share with your family:


  • 90 million chocolate bunnies are made for Easter every year.
  • The world’s largest jelly bean weighs 6,000 pounds!
  • Adults prefer milk chocolate over dark chocolate.
  • 86% of people would prefer to have a chocolate bunny over a live bunny (personally, I’d prefer a live bunny, so cute!).
  • Each day throughout the year, 5 million marshmallow chicks and bunnies are produced in preparation of Easter. That’s a lot of Peeps!
  • Enough jelly beans to fill a plastic bag the size of a 9 story building (approx. 16 billion) are made specifically for Easter.
  • After Halloween, Easter is the biggest candy consuming holiday.
  • 75% of people eat the ears off their chocolate bunnies first.


Preparing for an Easter feast,

The Y&F Alberta Team