Cash In With Your Camcorder live show!

Hey everyone!

Just wanted to let you know that Friday is quickly approaching and we will be announcing the winners of the Cash In With Your Camcorder contest (check out the videos here).

I will be calling the winners during a live show and telling them the good news! If you applied or if you are a friend of someone who applied, make sure you tune in on Friday at 12 PM MST to catch the show!

It was a very exciting competition! We had over 1,700 votes and it was very close. The videos have been viewed over 13,000 times and the amount of visitors to the website has been unbelievable, so thank you for getting on board and checking it all out! Of course, thank you to the participants for the brilliant entries! They were all very creative and highlighted the Y&F account wonderfully.

Myles 'Cashing In With Your Camcorder Is The Best!' Peterman